Ending the Primary Addiction to Wrongness of You
January 14 – February 18

What would YOUR life be like without the constant litany of judgments about what you do, what you don’t do, what you haven’t done, what you should have done, what you look like, where you are in your life…not to mention all of the comparisons you make to others! The primary addiction of this reality is to judgment and the wrongness of you. This is the basis from which all other addictions spring. This is not as difficult to change as it seems, but it does take a bit of info, processing and toolsThe “Recovering From The Wrongness Of You” tele-class will give you all of the tools and information you need to change this seemingly impossible default, autopilot ​habit.

6 Part Telecall
Location: Phone, Skype, or listen in Online

Cost: $375 for these 6 classes

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Facilitating Clients with Addictions
February 10 – 24

What would you like to know about facilitating clients with addiction? Do you have any concerns about working with them? What if you had total confidence in your capacity to facilitate client in this area?

There is so much misinformation about addiction and recovery in this reality, that it’s easy to miss some of the finer points. None of us can be an expert in every area! As the creator of Right Recovery For You, along with Gary Douglas, and having been a psychotherapist with a specialist in addiction for over twenty three years, I have an enormous amount of information, practical tools and ways to approach and empower people with addictions. All of us have and will have clients with addictions.

Would you like the information to be on top of things before they show up?
Some of the benefits you may receive from the call:
• An understanding of why clients haven’t been able to change addictive behaviors and how you can assist them to make these changes.
• Clarity on what addiction actually is and isn’t, and how you can assist your clients in not getting caught in all of the myths, lies and misinformation about it.
• Practical tools and techniques your clients can begin using immediately to make the changes they desire.

3 Part Telecall
Location: Phone, Skype, or listen in Online

Cost: $300

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