Addiction Over Easy

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What if recovery didn’t have to be hard? What if there were shifts in energy that you can be that can take you out of the place of addiction? Current treatment for addiction in this reality makes recovery an arduous life long process, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Marilyn went the traditional route years ago, all the while being aware that there had to be a different possibility – and there is! The tools and information in Access Consciousness combined with Marilyn’s 20 plus years of working with addiction turns everything you ever heard about addiction and recovery on its head.

About the course:

Addiction Over Easy is a course designed for people looking for a faster, easier, and more enjoyable way to come to a place of choice and ease with any addictive or compulsive behavior. Since all addiction has the same root causes, taking the course can assist not only in clearing common addictions like cigarettes, alcohol and over eating, it is also effective with the addictions that lurk in the shadows, like judgment, anger and struggle.
Topics Include:
  • How you can create targets (not goals) that actually work for you
  • Myths, lies and accurate information about addiction that you can use to your advantage
  • Tools, techniques and clearings to assist with changing your behaviors
  • Moving from powerlessness to potency
  • Eliminating the destructive force of judgment from your life
  • Moving from understanding and trying to figure things out to awareness
  • What’s right about your addiction you’re not getting?
  • How to move beyond addiction to having more of you

Here’s what former clients have said about Marilyn:

Marilyn Bradford saved my life. I was spending about $500 to $1000 a week on cocaine and not sleeping for a week at a time. It was the darkest time in my life. That is when I was referred to Marilyn. After seeing Marilyn for six weeks, I broke my daily habit for the first time in several years. Marilyn gave me the tools to cure my addiction and create the life I have always wanted. Today, I am living happy and free from cocaine addiction.C.C. Texas
Marilyn Bradford opens all the doors. I spent years in Twelve Step programs for numerous addictions. Admitting I was powerless felt like admitting I was wrong. Marilyn has helped me recognize that I was addicted to being wrong, that being wrong was actually a comfortable place for me. It was a place that kept me stuck in old habits. Marilyn’s facilitation and processes have given me the insights and freedom to clear these habits and addictions. Now anything is possible. All the doors are open.M. L., Australia
I have been a part of one of Marilyn’s tele-classes, and I have also taken part in one-on-one sessions with her. What I love about Marilyn is her authenticity, and her willingness to use the Access tools, while at the same time hold me to using the tools too. She walks her talk. Expect results with her, she doesn’t waste yours or her time.L. L., Minnesota
Marilyn has an amazing knowledge of addiction of all kinds of behaviors, how it keeps you stuck and how you can start changing it. I am always flabbergasted by all the information and aha moments I receive on her calls on the Puja network and the tele-series Ending The Primary Addiction –Judgment And The Wrongness Of Self. She presents her in-depth knowledge in a very clear way, with humor, and I find her a very empowering facilitator.C. M., Netherlands
I am so grateful for Marilyn and the contribution she has been to changing so much in my world. I have been participating recently in the ‘Ending The Primary Addiction’ Tele-call. Throughout these calls she has been the invitation for me stepping into more of me. Don’t ask me to explain how………it’s just like magic really! Her willingness to follow the energy and to be in total allowance of each person participating has been such a gift. I know this has provided a space for me to feel comfortable asking questions and being more vulnerable. Thank you, Marilyn, for all that you be. I am brimming with gratitude!F. S., New Zealand
Marilyn is brilliant. Her willingness to explore the world of addiction outside the box takes us past the hopelessness and destruction into possibilities for living. Marilyn’s experience and her constant quest for information combine with her intuitive knowing, her caring and her kindness to empower each of us to step up, take charge and live our own life.D. N., Minnesota
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