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Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, eating disorders, sex, relationships, fixing other people’s problems, exercise.…and many other addictions all seem to be distinct from one another. While they may show up differently, they actually have the same root cause. Many people have had the experience of “fixing” one addiction only to find they have taken on another addiction. Often they are told that they have “an addictive personality”.

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Right Recovery for You

As long as you're operating out of what you've been told addiction is -and all the myths and lies that go along with that- you will never be able to choose beyond it. If you are willing to consider a radically different approach to addiction, this book is for you. BUY NOW


Is it living without your addiction or obsession? Have you ever found yourself saying: “I can’t live with (alcohol, food, cigarettes, my partner etc.), but I can’t live without it/them? This either/or universe seems to trap many of us. It is actually what creates the belief that there is no way out of an addiction. As real as this may seem right now, there is a different way. There is a way of being and looking at things that allows you to come to a place of peace and choice with your addictive or compulsive behavior.


YES – you can walk away from the target of your addiction and never look back. This is not about will power or white knuckling it. It’s about having so much of you present, that there is no pull to the addiction. You probably don’t realize how much of you you have cut off to try to fit into this reality. We learn, early on, that much of us is not acceptable and that no one really wants us to show up as who we actually are.

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Clearing the Commitment to Poverty

Have you tried to change your money flows and ended up being frustrated? Are you asking for more in your life, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up? There may be an underlying commitment to poverty that you’re not even aware of! We tend to think of poverty only in terms of money, but it can affect every area of our lives, including all our relationships, jobs, creativity, our living environment and even the possibilities of what we can have and be. 4-part Series coming in the shop!